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We are a family-run, Canadian encaustic art supplies business that offers secure online shopping for high-quality, affordable products (that we use ourselves!). We are artists and we want to share our enthusiasm for encaustic painting with you!
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Encaustic Medium

Made by us with ❤
A 5 to 1 ratio (beeswax to damar resin), ready for pigment to create encaustic paint. Our students and web customers love our encaustic medium!

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Hot Tools

Hot tools fuse the layers encaustic paint together. We carry a encaustic iron, and a stylus, both offering a variety of surface effects.

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Raw materials

Everything you need for making your own encaustic medium; local, naturally golden beeswax, filtered (clear) beeswax, and damar resin.

About Us

Andrea Bird & Daniel Beirne

We met as students at the Ontario College of Art some decades ago, and fell in love with each other and making art. Exploring many mediums over the years, we’ve ended up falling in love with encaustic / mixed media and environmental sculpture.

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