July 25, 2016

Artists Andrea Bird & Daniel Beirne

Andrea BirdBeing artists, we are inspired by the beautiful landscape surrounding us, and want to share our enthusiasm about this wonderful way of painting.  Recently, we have collaborated – combining our love of environmental sculpture (Daniel) and encaustic collage (Andrea) to create new and exciting wall pieces.

Waxworks Encaustic Supplies grew naturally in response to enthusiastic students’ requests for ready-made encaustic medium.  Andrea has been teaching encaustic workshops for over 8 years with the help of her husband – Daniel.  She soon learned that her students often wanted to continue encaustic in their homes but finding the art supplies was a challenge. So, Andrea began bringing ready-made encaustic medium to her workshops.

The business took a leap forward when their son, Conor, took a high school co-op credit and developed the product packaging/logo design and manufacturing process. Since then, demand has grown and they are now selling the products online. They’re noticing that encaustic is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people discover its  versatility, spontaneity, and richly textured surfaces. Encaustic has endless possibilities!

Waxworks Encaustic Supplies is committed to offering products that are of the highest quality. All our tools and waxes have been tested extensively by us before being offered for sale. We look forward to sharing more supplies with you as we find and develop them ourselves.

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