January 12, 2016

Encaustic Art Instructors

Tania Wycherley: photography workshops

Tania Wycherley has been creating beautiful images for a decade or more that involve the combination of photography and encaustic... in a variety of ways. She teaches two workshops in the hive: Transfer Sandwich (layers below the
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Daniel Beirne: introductory workshops

Daniel Beirne has been making art all his adult life, exploring a variety of mediums over the years. He has been teaching beginner encaustic workshops for several years in the hive. In his own practice, Dan pushes
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Jane Burgess: texture workshops

Jane Burgess has been painting in encaustic for several years, developing a unique, signature style that involves both building up intense layers of texture (accretion), and scraping down into these layers to reveal what is below. She
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Christina Lovisa: mixed media workshops

Christina Lovisa brings her 'Two World's Collide" workshops to the hive from Ottawa, and stretches the boundaries of what is possible when mixed media meets encaustic. We delve into new territory by affecting the substrate before even
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Andrea Bird: advanced workshops

Andrea Bird has been making art and leading creative workshops for decades, the last focusing on encaustic exclusively. She is in love with this luscious, spontaneous way of painting - considering it more of a 'dialogue between
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