Naturally Golden Encaustic Medium (one pound)



5 parts naturally golden beeswax to 1 part damar resin
in an assortment of shapes and sizes
Ready for pigment!


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Our Encaustic Medium is made with premium, naturally golden beeswax and damar resin (crystals) in a ratio of 5 parts wax to 1 part damar. Damar is a hardening agent, making the wax more durable and less likely to develop “bloom” – that whitish sheen that naturally occurs on beeswax.
Simply add oil pigment (see our FAQ’s) or coloured blocks to create encaustic paint.The aroma of this medium is absolutely heavenly!

We recommend using it for all the colours on your palette that would be enhanced by the golden glow… ochre, oranges, warm greens and reds, yellows, cream coloured warm whites… ahhhh… so many delicious colours are enhanced with this medium. It is our favourite to paint with. Even by itself, with no colour added, gives you a lightly golden, mostly transparent glaze.

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Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 8 cm

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