One Pound Damar Resin


a natural tree resin from Indonesia

acts a hardening agent
in a one pound bag

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This damar resin (in crystal form) is used to mix with beeswax to make your own encaustic medium. Either the natural yellow or the naturally filtered (white) beeswax can be used. Detailed directions must be followed carefully, and will be included with the purchase of the damar crystals (written up by Andrea for her students). This resin comes from a tree in Indonesia, and acts as a hardening agent, which also cuts down on ‘bloom’, that whitish sheen that sometimes develops when painting with beeswax. The ratio of wax to damar can vary: 8:1 to 5:1 is recommended. Measured and sold in 1 pound (454 g) bags. Never use Damar Varnish to mix with the wax… only the resin in crystal form. See FAQ #11.

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Dimensions 11 × 12 × 8 cm


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