Encaustic Iron


New design, same great iron, compact and lightweight, with adjustable temperature (usual setting just below ‘LOW’ – 200 degrees), anddoubles as a mini hot-plate (for when you want to melt just one colour)!

Comes with Andrea’s ‘iron notes’ – 2 pages of tips/techniques from her Int’l Encaustic Conference teaching days.


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This is a favourite tool… a sturdy encaustic iron that holds an adjustable yet stable working temperature and is both compact and lightweight. The amazing thing about this iron is that it doubles as a mini hot-plate  when only one colour needs to be melted. Love this feature! Andrea taught a workshop on the uses of this iron at the Annual Encaustic Conference for several years and will enclose her two pages of teaching notes with each purchase. These outline various techniques for putting in collage, gouging with the iron, creating texture, using organic items in the wax, and more.

Here is a testimonial from Leslie Neumann after she took Andrea’s workshop and bought the iron: “I have been painting with encaustic for 20 years. So imagine my delight when I learned something totally new! At the 4th Annual Encaustics Conference in June 2010, Andrea Bird did a demonstration with her iron and I fell in love. I purchased one and have been using it for 5 months now. Simply stated, you can’t get results like this from any other heating tool. Honestly, my paintings are better than they have ever been because of the iron. I love it!! Thank you, Andrea.” www.LeslieNeumann.com

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Weight .55 kg
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 6 cm


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